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The stage would appear to be set for a fan-favorite character to rise from the grave.

It’s too delicious a possibility not to consider, wouldn’t you agree? General Hospital has just reintroduced the character of Victor Cassadine, noted resurrection enthusiast and Obrecht obsessor. The show also has the much-missed detective’s widow, Maxie, in dire need of a hero, what with psychotic babydaddy Peter not being as dead as everyone hoped. So what better time to raise Nathan from the grave, right?

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If Victor were to breathe life back into the deceased, in hopes of currying favor with his beloved Liesl, General Hospital could reunite Nathan with Maxie, thus restoring one of its most popular couples in ages. And wouldn’t there be something supremely satisfying about having him, of all people, be the one to step in in the end and keep Peter from ever getting his hands on daughter Louise?

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There’s just one hitch, though: Would Ryan Paevey agree to reprise his role? He is, after all, now an in-demand fixture on the Hallmark Channel. He and General Hospital “don’t have any plans at present,” he told earlier this summer, “but I’m always open to work. I don’t know if anybody’s picked up on this yet, but I a little bit of a workhorse. I don’t sit still very well.”

At the time, the actor noted that he might like to see a few chinks in Nathan’s armor. “I laugh about this a lot, because usually on soaps, you have a good guy, but there was that one time he maybe murdered somebody or cheated on his wife,” he said. “Everybody has a bit of a checkered past. But Nathan was just kind of a good, nice guy.”

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If he was to come back from the dead, though, who’s to say what that might do to his psyche? Could he, unlike so many of Port Charles’ other reanimated characters, come back… different… perhaps taking after his biological father, the maniacal Faison? And if he did, would Maxie’s love be able to restore his halo to its usual perch above his head?

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What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would you like to see Nathan back among the living? And how would you feel about the former hero coming back a bit of a heel? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which counts down 10 characters for whom death was just a phase.