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We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH‘s Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Nan N & Danielle D: Who makes the beige short sleeve sweater jacket Carly wore on November 13 & 16?

A: Carly’s sweater is by Vince.

Amanda B: Where is the magenta blouse from Robin wore the first week of April?

A: Robin’s magenta blouse is by Theory.

Maryann J: Who makes the dark navy or black coat that Kristina wore on November 13?

A: Kristina’s navy jacket is by Elevenses.

Sabrina T: I would like to know who made the dress Lulu wore in her scenes with Luke on November 16. It is stunning.

A: Lulu’s dress is by Catherine Malandrino.

Eve W: Where can I find the white scoop-neck tunic Carly wore the week of November 9?

A: Carly’s top is by Bailey44 from Macy’s.

Monique M: Please let me know where you purchased the silver necklace Maxie wore November 13 & 16.

A: Maxie’s silver necklace is from Traffic Women’s at the Beverly Center.

Kavita T: Who designed Lulu’s black lace topped dress she wore on November 17 & 18?

A: Lulu’s black dress is by Catherine Malandrino.