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Got questions about how Sonny’s nearest and dearest are connected? Fughedaboudit. has you covered.

We know: Where General Hospital mafioso Sonny Corinthos is concerned, family business can mean anything from a tiff with one of his many (many!) children to a hit ordered by a rival crime syndicate. But today we’re going to focus on the former concern, opening up a photo album that connects the dots between the made man and his array of kinfolk.

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If you want to take notes, we understand. (Hey, we had to, to put together the scrapbook in the first place!) The Teflon don has kids with four different women, and those offspring range in age from fully-grown to still-in-jammies. And both of Sonny’s siblings were of the half variety, and maybe we’ve mentioned it a time or two: Math is not our strong suit.

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Come to think of it, as (cough) Mike inches ever closer to remembering that he was the Michael Corleone of Port Charles — and that he has enough relatives to fill a phone book — he might benefit as much as anyone from our going out on a limb to examine every branch of his family tree.

So whad’ya say? Is a chance to do a deep dive into the Corinthos clan an offer you can’t refuse? If so, just click here or on the photo gallery below, and in no time, you’ll know more about the racketeer and his crew than the Port Charles PD ever has!