Wes Ramsey teases Peter games gh
Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

Is anyone ever really dead in daytime?

In yesterday’s General Hospital episode, fans received quite the cliffhanger — on a Monday no less! Yep, Peter is alive and spying on Maxie in Nixon Falls.

From falling down the hospital stairs, to being presumed dead and stashed in a freezer, to somehow escaping and finding his way to the Tan-O where the mother of his child is… of his Port Charles character’s journey, Wes Ramsey shared a screenshot of Peter emerging from the shadows and stated, “Well, well, well…let the games… commence.”

The actor also stepped away from his character’s drama to post a too-cute photo with his pup and said, “And on a lighter note (to help separate reality from make believe) here was my real day today… just a guy and his puppy, working out together.”

This twist is one that might royally tick off some fans, considering Peter is alive, for now, but so many people want him dead — for numerous reasons. Did the ABC soap bring Peter back only to have him killed, for real this time? Whatever the storyline brings, we’re there for it — let the games begin!

What do you want to happen? Let us know your scenarios in the comment section then look through our photo gallery below filled with a list of suspects who could very well be the one to freeze Peter in his tracks for good.

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