Mike has an encounter with his past GH
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News about Drew spreads through Port Charles.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of August 23 – 27, an encounter could change everything. Read on for the scoop!

Viewers now know that Drew Cain is alive. After he was able to phone Sam, she’s convinced it was really him who reached out to her and it’s not a trick. Still trapped in his prison cell, a delirious Drew has a vision of Sam and Scout. Will it give him the energy he needs to escape?

As Sam insists to Dante, who is still skeptical, that Drew is alive, the news is bound to rock Anna and Valentin. In their search for Peter, alive or dead, they know he was behind Drew’s “death” and could be the one still holding him prisoner.

Jason’s meeting with the five families did not go well and they warned him to marry Carly or eliminate her. He and Carly decided on September 17 as their wedding date. But could she be getting cold feet? Is that why Jason tells her that they’ve all made choices and they have to live with them?

Meanwhile, in Nixon Falls, Maxie arrived to see Nina, the only person who knows the truth about where Louise actually is. Unfortunately, Maxie could discover the truth about “Mike” while there. The visit must have her on edge because “Mike” notes that Nina looks like she’s seen a ghost. And as a mysterious figure approaches “Mike,” could he potentially learn who he is? Or in a more shocking turn of events, could it jog his memory?

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