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Who is that mysterious nurse wandering the hospital’s hallways?

Just when it seemed pretty obvious that General Hospital‘s Spencer was the one stalking stepmonster Ava, the show threw a series of twists into the mix that have left us questioning everything. While numerous theories made their way around both our message boards and the Twitterverse — including the possibility that Kiki’s demise was about as permanent as that of Drew — neary everybody agreed on one thing: Nikolas went way too far in his efforts to teach his son a lesson!

For months now, someone has been tormenting Ava in some pretty creative ways. (Who could forget the glass-encased cockroach she received from a secret “admirer” on Valentine’s Day?) When Spencer returned to Port Charles and began acting terribly suspicious, it seemed clear he’d been haunting Ava in order to drive a wedge between her and his father.

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There were, however, things which didn’t quite add up. For example, if Spencer was the stalker, how did he record Ryan’s voice so that Avery’s teddy bear could deliver its creepy, personalized message? Nikolas, however, became convinced that his son was the perpetrator and took what could only be called drastic action, terrorizing Spencer as well as Josslyn, Cameron and Trina.

The culmination of Nikolas’ twisted plot? Donning a mask and “stabbing” Spencer, who fully believed he was being attacked by Ryan. It was a move that left a stunned Laura declaring, “I have never been so ashamed of you in my life!” Fans, too, were quick to put Nikolas on blast for his appalling actions.

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“He went way too far with stabbing Spencer and leaving him thinking he was going to die,” tweeted Mal, a sentiment echoed over and over by viewers who were also disturbed by how far he’d gone.

Even in a town in which parents have made some pretty awful decisions — such as when Ava faked her death, donned a bad wig and slept with her daughter’s boyfriend — Nikolas’ actions were seen as outrageous.

Worse, even as Nikolas attempted to defend the undefendable, he received a call from Ava which made it clear that Spencer could not possibly be her stalker… or at least her only stalker. Because while Spencer was being attacked by his dad, someone was busy blowing up Ava’s car and leaving at the scene of the crime her late daughter Kiki’s hospital ID badge… the very one she’d been buried with!

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Which leads us to that young brunette nurse who seems to be lurking around every corner, listening in on Ava’s conversations and occasionally offering up a chilling grin. Who is she and how is she connected to the various unfurling plots? Could she be, as has been suggested by some, one of Ryan’s minions, happily abusing those just beyond his supposedly-paralyzed reach?

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Others, however, had an even more out-there theory: That the creepy nurse is actually an alive-and-well Kiki, who has been much-discussed of late! As Mark pointed out, “You don’t keep mentioning Kiki if she’s not coming back… “

What if Kiki somehow survived the brutal attack which supposedly took her life? A painful and slow recovery (complete with extensive plastic surgery) might have left her emotionally scarred and blaming mom Ava for having brought Ryan into their lives. What better way to torture her still-grieving mom than by never letting her forget the serial killer whose bed she once shared?

Still others suggested that the unnamed nurse might be either the real Kiki (who was switched at birth with another child) or even her heretofore unknown twin. All of which seem like reasonable possibilities, at least in the context of General Hospital. But now it’s your turn. Do you agree that Nikolas went too far? Who do you believe is stalking Ava… and why? Could it really be Kiki? Share your thoughts in the comment section, then visit the gallery below in which we revisit some of daytime’s most outrageous storylines… many of which make the notion of a dead girl stalking her mom look tame by comparison!