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We think we’ve narrowed down the suspects to three extremely likely candidates.

Now that General Hospital has had Drew reach out “from beyond the grave” to interrupt Sam’s new romance with Dante, we’ve been wondering the same thing that she is: If Jason’s twin brother is no more dead than Jason ever was, who has him? And why did they take him?

We suspect we know the answer, too; we’re just not sure which of the possibilities is the right one. Consider…


If the “late” villain were to have learned that Drew hadn’t died, as everyone thought, in that plane crash he arranged, he might have taken steps to ensure that “the deceased” didn’t return to Port Charles to blab all of his secrets. If so, those in his employ might still be carrying out his orders, keeping Drew prisoner past the point at which their boss’ cold, cold heart had ceased to beat.

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On the flip side, if Peter’s body is not only missing but still moving and grooving, he could be holding Drew hostage for the same reason as above. Sure, we think we know all of the erstwhile Henrik’s secrets, but we wouldn’t put it past him to have yet another one up his sleeve — one which Drew could have found out.

Helena and Peter on General Hospital


If you believe that the indestructible Cassadine matriarch is really, most sincerely or even nearly dead, we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya. And if rumors of her demise have been, as usual, exaggerated, it doesn’t take a math whiz to add two and two to figure out that she could have snagged onetime secret weapon Drew to reprogram him yet again so that she could kickstart her reign of terror in Port Charles.


We know, we know — we haven’t even heard yet who Days of Our Lives vet Charles Shaughnessy (ex-Shane) will be playing when he debuts this fall. But our money is on Holly’s cousin, Alistair, the character that he first played back in ’84. Imagine if the con artist has, in the years since last we saw him, become basically a supervillain, a nouveau Cesar Faison. He could be holding Holly hostage as eventual leverage over D.A. Robert, and hanging onto Drew in order to manipulate his brother, Jason, ex-wife Sam… frankly, anyone and everyone who ever cared about him. (And Drew knows a lot of movers and shakers.)

Anders Hove general hospital cesar faison


Yeah, yeah, he’s supposedly six feet under. But he’s cheated death more often than we have at cards. And given how successfully General Hospital managed to drop Drew’s memories into Franco’s body, who’s to say that Faison isn’t trying to “resurrect” late son Nathan by depositing (to borrow a term from Days of Our Lives) his essence in the still-very-much-functional-thanks body of Drew? It’s out-there, sure. But more out-there than Franco’s murder tumor or “Frew” were?

Who do you think has made a captive of Drew? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, a countdown of soaps’ all-time best recasts — a list to which we may soon have to add Billy Miller’s replacement, Cameron Mathison.