GH Rundown for the week of November 23!

Last week was shortened due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but it was still a fun one filled with love, drama and lots of angst.

Thanksgiving Hookups

I’ll start with the Thanksgiving episode as I really enjoyed it. After all the doom and gloom surrounding Claudia’s death and the mystery surrounding Franco, the fun relaxed feeling of that episode was very welcomed. Aside from Maxie confessing to Lulu that she slept with Spinelli and the traditional Quartermaine pizza, we were treated to three fun set ups: Alexis and Mac, Carly and Jax, and Max and Diane. While it was great fun to see the first two couples’ kids, step kids and niece scheme to bring them together, Max and Diane are one of my favorite couples, so Spinelli and Milo conspiring to reunite them under Sonny’s orders was most entertaining for me. I mean, who can resist a plunger wielding, rubber glove wearing Max trying to look proud and unfazed when he saw Diane at the restaurant? Classic. Although, Morgan tinkering with Jax and Carly’s cars was cute and Sam’s line about Alexis never telling her who her father was while everyone explained to Lisa about Alexis’ disastrous history with men was pretty hilarious. I wonder if they will ever get to that piece of information.

The Franco Effect
I am enjoying the feel of the story, how Franco is getting under Jason’s skin and how he is causing many problems for Maxie, however, I’m still not all that fired up about James Franco, as part of me feels like he is acting like he thinks a soap actor should. Regardless, while I will feel bad for Spinelli when he finds out and I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see more of the unmarried couple be happy, having Maxie cheat on him with Franco is not all that far fetched in my opinion. As she keeps saying, she always finds a way to sabotage herself, not to mention, she’s always been attracted to the bad boy and she’s an impetuous, impressionable young lady, so it makes sense she would be drawn to the brooding, mysterious artist, even if he is a bit brutish. I believe she slept with him on impulse and not to get him to agree to the photo shoot. At least that’s what I hope.