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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

There are big changes in store for the actress and her family. 

Emme Rylan never has any trouble with her lines, but boy, she sure had a tough time saying what she had to on August 5. As she explained to her followers in a series of Instastories, “I have something to tell you guys, and I’m super nervous to talk about it.

“I’d like to start this story,” she added, “by saying I’m not completely insane.”

The General Hospital alum was, however, completely reluctant to actually blurt out what she intended to. “I can’t… ” she said. “I can’t say it.”

Of course, Lulu’s former portrayer eventually did get her tongue untied. And her news was indeed monumental. “We’re moving again,” she said her of herself, partner Don Money and their kids. On the plus side, hey, after their last move, “80 percent of our stuff was never unpacked. The boxes are in the garage.”

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On the minus side, Money joked that gee, he sure hoped that none of the cockroaches in the garage had found their way into the boxes. Thanks for that image, Don! But we digress…

Rylan went on to explain that “we have decided that the best choice for our family right now is to leave Los Angeles for at least a year, possibly permanently.”

That does not mean that the soap vet, previously Lizzie on Guiding Light and Abby on The Young and the Restless, is giving up acting. Nope, “I will be flying in to work” and auditioning via tape, which is all anyone does nowadays anyhow.

Where is the gang going? “We’re gonna try something different for a while,” Rylan teased. “It’s not Nashville. Don had a job opportunity there but also has work somewhere else, so we are moving to St. Louis,” which they hope “is gonna be really a good, stable place for our kids.”

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