Nancy Lee Grahn, Michael Corbett, Genie Francis at arrivals for 48th Daytime Emmy Awards Press Line Part 2 - SUN, ATI Studios, Burbank, CA June 13, 2021. Photo By: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection
Credit: Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Is the gossip more than just idle? Hmm.

If we didn’t know how rumors started before, we sure do now. After Michael Corbett read on Celebrating the Soaps that this fall, he was supposedly joining the cast of General Hospital, possibly as another member of the Novak crime syndicate, the daytime vet delightedly reposted the story on Instagram, saying, “Ha! Looks like I am a rumor today. How fun!”


And fun, it certainly was. But could it be more than that? As the website noted, General Hospital has been giving a lot of shout-outs recently to Ryan’s Hope, the much-missed ABC soap on which Corbett played ill-fated ladies’ man Michael Pavel. In addition to Ilene Kristen’s appearances several years ago as Ava’s mother — Ryan’s Hope scheme queen Delia for those just tuning in — General Hospital has lately visited Ryan’s Bar in New York City and introduced mobster Joey Novak… which couldn’t be anything but a tip of the hat to the mafioso that the late, great Roscoe Born brought to life.

So could General Hospital be planning to capitalize on our lingering love for all things Ryan’s Hope by bringing on Corbett? It wouldn’t be the weirdest twist of plot ever. And Corbett does bring to the table not only fans of Ryan’s Hope but Search for Tomorrow, where he played yet another cad, Warren Carter, and The Young and the Restless, where he was literal lady killer David Kimble.

In fact, when one of his Instagram followers questioned how Corbett could possibly have survived being smushed by a trash compactor, he reminded them that it was David, not Michael, who’d been, um, trashed. “They never found the body,” he added.


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Mind you, Corbett’s Ryan’s Hope character also met an untimely end; he was shot by his married girlfriend when she found out that he was also carrying on with her mother. (You can read why that popular storyline was abruptly ended here.) But a little thing like death has never slowed down General Hospital, which killed off both Michael Easton as Silas and Roger Howarth as Franco, only to bring them back as Finn and Austin, respectively.

What do you think of all the Ryan’s Hope mentions? Could ABC be setting the stage for a reboot of one of the smartest soaps in daytime history? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which takes us back to Ryan’s Bar and the stories that played out there. First round’s on us.