Brook Lynn and Chase potential romance on General Hospital
Credit: Jill Johnson, Howard Wise/JPI

Is it time for BLQ and the detective’s long-simmering chemistry to ignite?

From their first meet-cute when General Hospital’s Brook Lynn hit Chase with a beer bottle meant for her creepy manager Linc, it seemed they were destined for coupledom. But that was almost two years ago. A lot has happened since then, including BLQ accidentally assaulting the detective for a second time and having a one-night stand with Valentin. Meanwhile, a near-death Chase married Willow and discovered he was paralyzed. While their friendship and chemistry have deepened through it all, romance has yet to bloom.

Brook Lynn hits Chase over the head with a bottle on General Hospital

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Current circumstances could change all that though, as they are both hiding major secrets. Brook Lynn is passing Maxie’s baby off as her and Valentin’s infant (for good reasons, of course) while Chase is hiding (for murkier reasons) the fact that he is on his way to walking once again and knows all about Michael and Willow being in love.

But what if Brook Lynn or Chase learns the other’s ruse? It could certainly lead to outrage or a public exposing of lies, especially considering Chase’s secret affects Brook Lynn’s cousin. But since they’re both skirting moral ethics here, we suspect it could also lead to an equal sharing of subterfuge, especially as the heavier the weight of their secrets get, the more they’ll need someone to confide in. Then, the more they bond over protecting each other’s secrets, the deeper they’ll fall in love.

It’s a classic recipe for romance.

Brook Lynn watches Chase sing to Bailey on General Hospital

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Of course, Austin could present a major problem on their way to love, as the mysterious doc is trying to manipulate Chase into doing his dirty work against the Quartermaines, a.k.a. Brook Lynn’s family. We can’t imagine she would just look the other way should Chase commit such a betrayal but hey, what’s a great soap couple without a few heartwrenching obstacles?

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