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The actor also weighs in on who Britt should have slept with!

Sure, General Hospital‘s Jason and Carly knew that their engagement would surprise the people of Port Charles. But his portrayer, Steve Burton, was shocked to find out how Sam reacted to the news, having apparently not seen the episodes in which Sam purged herself of her Jason-related memories by burning some of his belongings.

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Told of the spontaneous bonfire by Soap Opera Digest, Burton declared, “I think that’s a little psycho!” And upon further reflection on Jason and Sam’s current situation — and how it came to be — he was even more taken aback.

“Hold on, hold on,” he said in character. “She cut it off with me! So how is she burning stuff? She said no to me! Now you’re gonna burn my stuff? I didn’t burn anything of hers when she said, ‘Get out of here!’ I didn’t freakin’ burn the phoenix and the dragon!

“That’s messed up, dude.”

The actor also had thoughts on Britt reacting to Jason’s engagement by hitting the sheets with Jax. “She’s pissed, first, because she slept with Jax and it wasn’t that great,” he quipped. “I mean, if she wanted an Australian guy, she could have just gone to the Outback Steakhouse and just found some, like, server there. I don’t know what she’s going to Jax for, but whatever. I’m sure there’s a bartender there with an accent, but why Jax? It kind of sucks!”

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As for how Sonny will react upon hearing that his “widow” married Jason, Burton suggested the Mob boss will “get over it” eventually.

“‘You’re doing some square-dancing with Nina,'” he added, jokingly predicting the dialogue. “‘You don’t get to talk ever again!'”

Do you agree that Sam will regret her actions, or is it truly over between her and Jason? While we wait to see how it all plays out, why not join us in flashing back on all things Jason-related via the photo-filled gallery below tracing the character’s history.