Liz catches Finn confessing to Anna GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

It’s time for many in Port Charles to tell the truth.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of July 26 – 30, it appears many have no other option but to confess. Read on for the scoop!

Last week, Jason spotted Liz talking to Finn in the park about turning to Jason in order to get rid of their problem on ice, because making people disappear is what he does. Finn was against bringing Jason in, but it may be too late as Jason confronts Liz about what is going on and he knows it has to do with Peter.

In the latest promo, Liz rushes to Finn, who is already engaged, pun intended, with Anna. Anna has deduced that Finn may have been the person the helicopter pilot saw on the roof with Peter the day he disappeared. Will he confess to Anna, or did Liz arrive in the nick of time to stop him?

Later, Liz turns to her former father-in-law and lawyer to anyone who has money, Scott Baldwin, to ask what counts as justifiable homicide under the law. You just know Scott is going to need more information, but how much will Liz offer up? At the same time, Jason’s investigating someplace very dank and dark. Could he be trying to locate Peter’s body, which should still be on ice in the basement of General Hospital?

Elsewhere in town, Carly appears to be the latest to learn about Willow and Michael’s poorly kept secret, that they are in love but can’t be together because of Chase’s condition. And over in Nixon Falls, Nina and “Mike” continue to grow closer, even though Nina knows she’s playing with fire.

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