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The actor’s question was more loaded than he might have realized.

Though he’s been gone from General Hospital for months, William deVry left a piece of his heart in Port Charles. So on July 12, he asked what might have seemed like a simple, innocent question about his ill-fated character’s family. “How’s Julian’s daughter, Sam?” he tweeted. “She OK?”

The responses that he got were as passionate as they were hysterical. “She’s furious,” replied Army of the Decent. “And confused. And has many questions.”

“Anyone hanging with Dante,” deVry quipped, “would be both.”

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Tangee B told the actor that his on-screen daughter was “drunk and thisclose to banging Leo’s big brother.

“Send help,” she added.

If Sam and Dante did go there — you know, all the way there — the repercussions could last for an enternity. “Can you imagine what poor Leo and Kristina would think if that happened?” asked Emily DeGuzman. “Them kids would all need therapy for sure!”

Some fans, of course, reassured deVry that Sam was making changes for the better, including swapping Jason for Dante. “She ditched ‘Scummy’s’ hit boy, and she is all sparkly and moving forward with the delicious Dante,” wrote NoodleBuddah.

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Michelle said that Sam was “about to get her some hot Dante… [so] I would say she’s doing very well.”

Laura James confessed that “years ago, I would have never thought I’d say this, but… she’s better to watch with anyone than Jason. That became a depressionfest.

“Yes,” she added, “I made that word up.” (Hope we’ll be allowed to borrow it later; it’s fun.)

While you’re here, perhaps hoping that General Hospital will pull a Michael Easton or a Roger Howarth with deVry and assign him a new character, check out the below photo gallery of highlights from his run as Julian.