Dante confronts Sam about their kiss GH
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It’s a week of confrontations in Port Charles.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of July 12 – 16, we may finally learn who Austin is. Read on for the scoop!

Brook Lynn’s scheme to convince Valentin that Maxie’s baby is theirs in order for him to hand over his ELQ stocks in exchange for parental rights is working. Valentin calls a meeting of the ELQ shareholders to discuss the CEO position and who will be taking it over. Before the meeting gets underway though, Scott crashes it! The Quartermaines are possibly about to find out that Scott has been hired by Austin, the newest doctor at General Hospital, who has a major interest in ELQ and the family. Could this finally be the week we learn who Austin really is?

Elsewhere, Dante confronts Sam about that kiss they shared on the Fourth of July and would like to talk about it. That’s not the only kiss that needs discussing, as Anna and Valentin eventually need to figure out where their relationship stands after they too shared a kiss on the holiday.

Monica has become incredibly concerned about the attention Maxie is paying to Brook Lynn’s baby. Of course, she has no idea it’s actually Maxie’s daughter. Now it appears Maxie, who still believes Peter is out there somewhere, could be putting her child in jeopardy because she can’t keep her distance. Is this why she tells Brook Lynn that she may have to leave Port Charles?

Jason and Carly’s marriage is not going over well with many in town, especially with Britt, who hooked up with Jax for comfort. Jason still has feelings for Britt, even though she’s told him what he can do with his concerns. As Carly tells Jason this is hard for everyone, Jason appears poised to have words with Jax.

Finally, “Mike” makes a call telling someone, who we are fairly certain is Nina, that they are needed. Is he speaking figuratively that everyone in Nixon Falls misses and needs her back, or is he speaking of himself?

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