Who broke Eden McCoy's Heart
Credit: Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC

He may only be a kid, but Max has some thoughts about life in Port Charles.

Max Tomlin isn’t just another fan using the Internet to share his take on General Hospital. Sure, like most viewers, he has strong opinions, which he’s happy to share. But unlike most, he needs a little help operating the camera and, when responding on Twitter or Instagram, spelling the big words.

That’s because Max only just turned 7 years old last week.

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Already, his General Hospital recaps — often done with an assist from his brother, Jackson, an example of which can be seen below — have attracted his own fans, including several of the soap’s stars. “Max, you’re amazing!” wrote Eden McCoy in response to a recent recap. “Please keep doing these, and pretty please, go easy on Joss!”

Finola Hughes (Anna) also sang Max’s praises, tweeting that his updates were “the best.”

On the youngster’s birthday, mom Sarah shared with Instagram that he “loves wresting and wants to be a wrestler one day. He also loves General Hospital, as you already know. Sometimes, he combines the two.

“Currently, he has a huge mess in his room,” she added. “Action figures and pieces of toys everywhere. When I asked him what was going on, he said he was re-enacting the Floating Rib bombing.”

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Clearly proud of her boys, Mom said that “they have so much fun making the updates for you guys. And they do read the comments. It makes them feel very special, so thank you!”

And for those worrying that perhaps some of General Hospital‘s themes might be a bit mature for Max, never fear. Sarah told his followers that “he watches, but we monitor what we see.” Now, while we wait to see Max’s take on this week’s episode, why not peruse the gallery below in which we look at some of his peers… better known as daytime’s most adorable kids.