Credit: Ric loves his daughter, that counts for something! (

It’s can’t be easy being the bad guy, but at least we all know who you are! has learned that recently Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) chaffed a little under fan pressure. The dashing actor (yet dastardly character � note the difference!) was appearing on a TV show in January and felt the heat from fans regarding the way Ric has been treating Alexis during her already-rough year. Reportedly, he became rather short-tempured! But it didn’t last long; he apologized and then reminded everyone that actors have absolutely no control over their actions of their characters.

Mr. Hearst went on to explain to the audience his point-of-view of who Ric Lansing is. He believes that Sonny’s little brother isn’t a true villain, but a guy who “loses all the time.” The actor also asked the audience to feel free to write the powers that be on General Hospital and challenge the show’s writers to provide more depth to the character so that he can be more than he’s portraying right now.