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She hashtagged the clip and its accompanying photos the only thing one possibly could: “So fun!” It looked like it!

Those of you who follow General Hospital leading lady Laura Wright on social media — or are regular readers of — already know that watermelon-eating contests are par for the course at the Fourth of July parties thrown by boyfriend Wes Ramsey’s family. Last year, you may recall, he cheered her on with a passion that would’ve fit right in in a Rocky movie.

“Yes,” she noted drolly, “I wanted to kill him.” (You can flash back to that story here.)

This year, the Ramsey clan gave the contest a twist, blindfolding both Peter’s former portrayer and his lady love and having her stand behind him and feed him wedges of watermelon. Once again, hilarity ensued. The actress who brings Carly to life fed her boo with the same enthusiasm that we reserve for scarfing down pizza so fast that we have to wonder if there had ever been a pizza in front of us. (You can not only watch in full below but check out the pics to boot.)

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Needless to say, a good time was had by all. As Wright put it, “Yep, second-annual Ramsey Fourth of July was a success.”

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