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If the soap really goes “there” with Jason and Carly, it will change everything! 

Over the past few days, General Hospital‘s writers have been playing a little game with viewers, having Jason and Carly discuss a “plan” to protect the Corinthos territories without actually spelling it out. But it’s become increasingly clear that their solution to the problem is to present a united front… by becoming man and wife!

Ever since Sonny’s “death,” there’s been a question among the Five Families as to who is in charge… Jason or Carly. When he was on the run, she strolled into the meeting of the clans and seemed to be the new Lady Boss. But of course, she lacks the experience of Jason, who has served as Sonny’s right-hand man for decades. While we aren’t very well-versed on the rules of mobstering, it appears that there are basically only three ways to show the Five Families that everything is kosher with Sonny’s former territories: Either Sonny’s “widow” relocates (thus leaving Jason in charge), Carly kills Jason (or vice versa)… or they tie the knot.

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“It will send a message that you support me as head of the Corinthos organization,” pointed out Jason, “and shutdown any possibility of divide and conquer.” 

Because Jason and Carly have been best friends for years, it’s easy to forget that they were lovers before Sonny entered the picture. As Carly recently pointed out, there was a time when she wanted nothing more than to be with Jason and have him help her raise Michael. At least, that is, until she “threw him away with both hands.”

Back then, Jason reminded Carly, she “couldn’t have anything good because if you got what you wanted, you would test it and test it until it broke. And that’s why it worked with Sonny. Because the two of you could test each other and break each other but you’d still come back.”

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For her part, Carly pointed out that Sonny’s now gone. “And no one else understands how empty I feel. And no one else has the same hole in their heart except you.”

Anyone else hear the Wedding March playing in the background? Of course, if there’s one thing we know about Sonny it’s that nothing pushes his buttons like betrayal. (Just ask Brenda!) If he were to return and find Carly had “moved on” with Jason, could he ever forgive them? Or would this prove to be the breaking point of no return?

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And what of Jason’s new relationship with Britt? It’s safe to assume that should he and Carly enter a marriage of convenience, they’ll want to keep the true nature of their union from leaking out. But given that Jason doesn’t really do the whole lying thing, will he put Britt’s life in danger by telling the truth?

The wild card in all of this is, of course, the man whose supposed death made this desperate move necessary in the first place. When Sonny eventually regains his memory and shrugs off the kinder, softer Mike persona — and this being a soap, you know it’s coming! — will he understand why Jason and Carly did what they’re clearly about to do? Or will the possibility of a Mob war pale in comparison to the wrath he will rain down upon them, especially if by that time the newlyweds have rekindled their long-ago-buried passion?

“Are we really thinking about doing this?” Carly asked Jason, never coming right out and saying what “this” was, even as we sat on the sidelines shouting “Do it! Do it!” Because there’s nothing we like better than big, emotional, messy plots, and this has the potential to be one for the record books. But what do you think of the potential twist? Do you want to see Jason and Carly become man and wife, and if so, what do you predict will be the fallout? Share your thoughts in the comments section, then check out the gallery below in which we look back at some of the greatest challenges Sonny has ever had to face… even as we contemplate adding this one to the list!