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We get it. A whole lotta viewers on social media are solidly against the plot that’s given Sonny a new lease on life. Us, though… we’re digging it — and so is Benard.

General Hospital leading man Maurice Benard is not known for his poker face. When he’s “meh” on a storyline, you can tell. And when he’s into it, fughedaboudit — he’ll tell you himself. Take, for instance, the polarizing plot that’s paired him with fellow Emmy winner Cynthia Watros as amnesiac “Mike” and Nina.

“I don’t know what’s in the water at General Hospital lately,” he tweeted on June 21. “Lately, my scenes have been… ” Well, judging from the roller-coaster emoji with which he concluded that sentence, we’re going to guess that he means… thrilling?

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As will happen, fans of Sonny and Carly jumped in to express their… let’s say reservations about the new couple. But that only added fuel to Benard’s fire. “When actors get into a new storyline, the job of the actor is to do everything he can to make that storyline work,” he explained. “This definitely is a tough situation, and that’s a challenge that I like.”

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And at least a few members of the audience were willing to give Sonny and Nina a chance. (Hey, did anyone really think that Sonny and Carly were ready to become the Steve and Audrey of General Hospital?) As Serena tweeted, she was “looking forward to see[ing] how this [unfolds]. Love the chemistry with you and Cynthia.

“I could ship ‘Sina’ depending on [how] it unfolds,” she added.

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What say you? Is there any way you could get behind Sonny and Nina? Or is it Sonny and Carly or bust for you? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits former General Hospital baddies made good — including, and this may shock you, both Sonny and Carly.