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At last we can stop waiting and wondering whether the Port Charles supercouple will get another chance.

When’s Kristyn Burtt caught up with General Hospital legend Maurice Benard on the Daytime Emmys red carpet, she didn’t dive right in and ask the nominee — who’s going for his third Outstanding Lead Actor win, for those keeping track — whether Vanessa Marcil was headed back to the show as Brenda (as she’s so often teased on social media). Rather, our interviewer slyly backed into the $64K question by inquiring about how Benard distinguished Sonny from an amnesiac Mike.


“When I do different characters, it’s all about what kind of energy they have,” he explained. “With this guy, the energy was more calm [than with Sonny], I had to laugh a lot more, he had his lands in his pockets, he wasn’t intense… ”

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In other words, Mike is the guy that Sonny could’ve been if he hadn’t gotten mixed up with the Mob and become the Teflon don? Yup, “that’s what he would be,” said Benard, adding that while he’s been enjoying playing the amnesiac version of his character, fans… well, “they just want Sonny back. It’s all about Sonny, Sonny, Sonny.

“They’re cool with me doing something else,” he continued, “but they just love the character of Sonny. And I love playing Sonny. He’ll come back.”

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Ah, but will Brenda? Marcil has dropped hint after hint that her days in Port Charles aren’t over. So will Brenda and Sonny get one more shot at getting it right? “No,” he said definitively. “We’ve got something we’re working on right now, but not General Hospital.

“If it happens, it’s gonna be great,” he added. “Fans [will be] crazy.”

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To watch the whole interview — in which Benard reveals the recurring disagreement that he and Steve Burton (Jason) have — press PLAY on the video above. Then, before tuning in to the ceremony on Friday, June 25, at 8/7c on CBS, check out some of the most memorable Daytime Emmy acceptance speeches of all time via the photo gallery below.