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Don’t ask the actor to play favorites between his Emmy-winning leading ladies.

General Hospital has struck pay dirt with the story of an amnesiac Sonny’s new life as “Mike” in Nixon Falls — in that it’s got viewers all kinds of riled up. Heck, the audience is more upset that Nina is keeping the mobster from wife Carly and their family than it ever was that the onetime proprietor of the Paradise Lounge turned Scotty’s daughter into drug-addicted stripper Carrie the Schoolgirl. But Maurice Benard, who plays the dimpled don, is loving it.

“[I] did some scenes today with Cynthia Watros (Nina),” he tweeted, noting that they were “simple, sweet… a touch of magic. This to me is the underdog story. I will continue to keep bringing what I can to make it come to life.

“[That] doesn’t mean I don’t honor CarSon,” though, he hastened to add.

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For one, Laura Wright, who plays Sonny’s “widow,” is all aboard. “We are storytellers,” she reminded her iconic castmate, “and you guys are kicking ass!”

For our money, that. All. Of. That. And don’t even come for Nina, saying that after letting Sonny’s family mourn him, she can’t be redeemed. “Let me remind you,” Benard pointed out, “when I first started the show, the horrific, terrible, malicious things that Sonny did [were unforgivable]. Acting is all about choices — I figured it out 28 years later.”

On top of all that, the soap vet, who got his start playing Nico Kelly on All My Children, is having a blast bringing to the fore a different side of his General Hospital character. “What I’m doing with Mike… yes I’ve changed the energy, and he’s become a lot more of my own personality,” he tweeted. “You have to understand I haven’t been able to do this in 28 years, [so] it is very freeing.

“But do I miss Sonny?” he went on. “Yes, of course.”

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