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Like it or not, you haven’t seen the last of Henrik Faison.

We know, we know. As much as you may like Wes Ramsey, General Hospital fans, you were beyond ready for Peter’s reign of terror to come to an end. And for a sweet, sweet moment, after Finn and Liz both declared that the villain lacked a pulse following a descent down a staircase that only Homer Simpson could’ve survived, you thought that it had.

And then “it” happened. No, not Peter’s reappearance as a ghost with an unusually bad headache. You could’ve seen that coming from miles away. “It” was the casual mention that the deceased was stashed in the “secret” lab once used by Helena Cassadine to defrost her golden boy, Stavros.

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Above: “I’d kill for an aspirin. Or, you know, just ’cause I’m evil. Either one.”

Credit: ABC screenshot

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Sure, the hot spot didn’t quite work out for Olivia Jerome when she tried to plop late love Duke Lavery’s spirit in the smokin’ bod of his son, Griffin Munro. But Olivia was bat-guano crazy. If someone equally nefarious but with a tighter grasp on reality were to try to pull a Helena — in other words, thaw out Peter and restore his heartbeat — they just might succeed.

And heaven — hell? — knows Port Charles has no shortage of out-of-sight-but-not-entirely-out-of-their-minds baddies who are as brilliant as they are wicked. While the audience may be well and truly done with Peter, some diabolical schemer or other might consider him the perfect weapon to aim at and unleash upon their mutual enemies.

Adding to our suspicion that Peter is no more permanently dead than, say, Jason was is the fact that Ramsey, who tends to Instagram as often as we refill our wine glass, hasn’t posted since June 2, when he praised leading lady Kirsten Storms for Maxie’s epic takedown of her babydaddy. If his time on General Hospital was coming to an end, he’d likely have something to say about it. (As it is, in the past, his followers have mistaken a post of his as one of the goodbye variety.)

What do you think? Is Peter really, most sincerely dead? Or is Helena’s lab going to work its black magic on him, setting off yet another reign of terror? On your way to the comments to share your theory, stop off at the below photo gallery, which counts down soapdom’s all-time nastiest villains.