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Credit: Dee Cercone/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

It’s not just viewers who have opinions about casting.

After our sister site Variety reported on June 16 that NCIS was in talks with The Good Wife/Fight vet Gary Cole to play a major — and majorly secret — role in Season 19, General Hospital casualty William deVry (ex-Julian) had a better casting idea: himself.

“Meh,” he tweeted. “Hire deVry.”

In a separate post, the soap-hopper, who also played Michael on All My Children and Storm on The Bold and the Beautiful, did the math for the long-running CBS drama’s powers that be. “They can pay Cole $400,000 per [episode],” he tweeted, “or me $40,000.

NCIS,” he added, “I don’t see him in this role. At all.”

When a Cole admirer countered that she could imagine him in any role — he’s just. That. Good. — deVry took it in stride. “It’s OK,” he said. “I’m only being half-facetious.”

Maybe deVry’s chances of winning away the part would improve if NCIS saw the makeover that his former General Hospital castmate James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) recently gave him. Earlier this month, deVry shared a GIF of David Spade in Joe Dirt and asked his pal which of them was going to bring back the character’s mind-boggling mullet. “I’m thinking you,” replied Stuart, going so far as to share a Photoshopped image of his buddy as we’ve never seen him before.

While we wait to see whether NCIS realizes it has available in deVry an MVP, stop off at the below photo gallery, which lines up before and after photos of some soap-star makeovers that are only slightly less stunning than the General Hospital alum’s hairdo redo.