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Who else wants to bet there’s a Get Out of Jail Free card in the mobster’s future?

We’ll admit that when General Hospital‘s Cyrus went from threatening everyone who crossed his path to whining about his missing mama, we were disappointed. But all was forgiven during his rage-spewing, hostage-taking showdown with first the PCPD and then half sister Laura.

This was the Cyrus we knew and feared, brought to incredible life by Jeff Kober, who scored a much-deserved Emmy nomination for his work on the soap. And this was the Cyrus we suspect we haven’t seen the last of. After all, why give Laura — one of the most legendary character in daytime history — so fascinating a sibling only to send him off to a maximum-security prison?

Seems like a waste to us.

Kober, too, seems to think Cyrus will at some point return. When caught up with the charismatic actor on the Daytime Emmys red carpet, he indicated that while locked away, Cyrus is spending all his time thinking about “how to get out!”

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Of course, given the very bad things Cyrus did during his relatively short time in Port Charles, might that be a pipe dream? “I suggested that he might find religion,” said Kober, “and come back as an itinerant preacher.”

In true soap style, were a supposedly new-and-improved version of Laura’s brother to suddenly show up, Kober points out that “we wouldn’t know whether to trust it or not.” Asked whether he personally would trust the transformation, the actor scoffed at the notion. “Of course not! Cyrus is a funny character because he’s got a really big heart and he’s just an evil bastard.”

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Horrific as some of Cyrus’ actions were, they were rooted in very real emotions. “They wrote this great storyline in there where he’s been thrown away by his family, thrown away by his mother, and he wants desperately to have family,” mused Kober, whose interview can be viewed in its entirety below. “To have something that strong and desperate to play, it can fuel virtually anything.”

Including, just possibly, a redemption arc. But what say you, General Hospital fans? Would you like to see Cyrus return and perhaps get a shot at genuinely bonding with Laura? Or does he need to stay behind bars and pay for his many sins? Before passing final judgment on Cyrus, why not peruse the photo gallery below in which we make a pretty strong case for redemption by looking at other Port Charles residents whose sins may not have been forgotten, but they’ve largely been forgiven.