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Two words was all it took for the actor to get our EKGs spiking.

General Hospital fans are a little like me around a glass of wine: They’re not shy about making their wants known. (Maybe I have, and maybe I haven’t been known to bark, “Gimme!”) And when it comes to new couplings for the ABC soap, they have for quite some time now made plain their desire to see James Patrick Stuart’s Valentin paired up with Finola Hughes’ Anna.

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So you can imagine the reaction when on June 9, Stuart shared a photo of himself and Hughes staring lovingly into one another’s eyes and captioned it, “Something’s cooking.” Those championing “Vanna” were over the moon (and back, and then over the moon all over again!).


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If his ultra-brief statement means what we hope it does, only two people are likelier happier about the development than us: Stuart and Hughes.

“We’re both major fans of each other, so it’s very silly when we get in scenes together,” Hughes told Soap Opera Digest in 2020, adding that Anna understands Valentin in a way that perhaps not everyone does. “A lot of people who act like the way that the character of Valentin behaves have a very deep wound, and Anna has seen that deep wound because she knew him way back when.”

Now, Stuart told the magazine only recently, Valentin and Anna have forged “sort of a deeper connection… He’s able to have a more sophisticated connection with Anna that never really loses the understanding that there will always be a current in those wires. The ink is not exactly dry in that story — ever.

“I think Valentin would be the first to tell you,” he went on, “that he will never be 100 percent over Anna.”

Hmm. And perhaps he won’t have to be 100 percent — or even any percent — over her. On your way to the comments to share your thoughts on a possible “Vanna” pairing, read about the other new duo the show recently teased and check out a photo gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest supercouples (recently rejiggered to address some our your gentle “suggestions”).