gh new supercouple mashup
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The writing is on the wall — and, frankly, we like what we’re reading.

Truth be told, we’d had hints before now. We’d noticed the warmth that radiated from Finn and Elizabeth anytime General Hospital played them together. They were the kind of friends that we could imagine becoming something more to one another. And now, we are 99.9-percent sure that that’s the direction in which the ABC soap is taking them.

Why are we so certain? First of all, both Liz and Finn are suddenly single, what with her having lost Franco and him having become “disengaged” from Anna. Second — and this is 99.8-percent of our reason right here — they’ve hidden Peter’s body together.

Sorry, but can there be a more bonding experience than disposing of the remains of the man who murdered one person’s husband and poisoned the other’s brother/son? Didn’t think so.

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Now the question becomes, what do you think of the potential pairing? Will Liz fans accept Franco’s widow with someone new… or be relieved that she’s finally involved with someone who didn’t used to be a serial killer? And will “Fanna” shippers be able to get behind a Liz/Finn pairing when he and Anna had come so very close to getting their happy ending?

Personally, we love the idea of “Fiz.” Not only do Rebecca Herbst and Michael Easton have great chemistry — they just feel like a potential couple to us — the story complications down the road would be delicious. Think about it: Just when Liz and Finn really committed to one another, back into Port Charles would come her half sister Hayden, ready at last to stake a claim on Violet’s dad.

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Finn and Hayden surprised by Anna General Hospital

The twists all but write themselves!

On your way to the comments to share your opinion, stop off at the below gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest supercouples. You never know — we may one day have to add Liz and Finn to that list!