Willow and Michael's romance GH
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Valentin has hope that the baby will bring the families together.

In the preview for General Hospital for June 7 – 11, lives remain on the line after last week’s intense hostage situation. Read on for the scoop!

Brook Lynn’s plan is going perfectly, with everyone believing that Maxie’s daughter is actually hers with Valentin. Then why does she look so uneasy? Maybe because Valentin and Olivia have fallen head over heels with BLQ 2.0 and are eventually going to have their hearts ripped out. Perhaps Brook Lynn is beginning to realizing her scam might not be as easy to pull off.

Curtis remains hospitalized and unconscious after being shot by Cyrus during the hostage crisis. Trina sits by his side and urges him to wake up. We think it might take someone else’s voice to nudge Curtis awake though.

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Last week someone peered into the window of the Quartermaine gatehouse and saw Willow and Michael together. In this promo, Jax, who had just left the mansion, begins to ask questions about what is going on with Michael. Oh, and did we mention the title of this promo is blackmail? Could Jax blackmail Willow and Michael into giving Nina rights where Wiley is concerned?

After his confrontation with Peter led to the latter’s death, Liz convinced Finn to cover the death up because if he went to prison then nobody could save Chase. The problem? Without Peter and his antidote, Chase may really be a goner, and Finn knows this.

And over in Nixon Falls, Phyllis gets real with Nina and asks her what the problem with her and “Mike” having feelings for one another is. As Nina puts it, “You have no idea, Phyllis!” How much longer can Nina keep the truth from “Mike?”

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