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On June 6, the actress revealed that she and her longtime leading man still have all the right moves.

OK, let’s parse this post, shall we? Vanessa Marcil, who has been dropping hints for ages that she’s returning to General Hospital, shared to Instagram a photo of herself and on-screen true love Maurice Benard cutting a rug, captioning it, “Um… dancing with Maurice.

“So how was your night?”

Didn’t compare, Vanessa. Didn’t compare. In response, Benard wrote, “I freaking love him.”

But what did it all mean? What was the occasion? Through a series of Instastories that Marcil posted, we Nancy Drew’d that it was a Benard family affair, at which the patriarch of the clan embraced his leading lady’s real-life honey, MC. (She even gave them a smush name: MCMO.)

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And what, exactly, was that family affair? The “I redo” of Benard’s daughter Cailey and husband Carlos, who wed in 2020 but, due to the pandemic, were owed a proper blowout. “Life is beautiful,” Marcil captioned one of her Insta-snaps. And as she posed with Benard’s star-in-the-making son, Joshua, it was tough to argue with the sentiment. She also hash-tagged her main post, “Bitch, please, I’m Brenda.”

Dare we hope it’s yet another tease that a Port Charles comeback is in the works?


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You can see the on-screen sweethearts tear up the floor in the video above and read all about Benard’s emotional response to Carlos’ proposal to Cailey here. Then, before you toddle off to read another story — and c’mon, we both know you’re going to! — stop off at the below photo gallery, which chronicles Brenda’s wild life and trying times in Port Charles.