Peter calls for helicopter on roof of General Hospital
Credit: ABC screenshot

As the headline implies, there’s a bit spoiler ahead… so stop reading now if you don’t want to know!

To say that many fans have been wishing harm upon General Hospital‘s Peter for months would be an understatement along the lines of “Carly is not fond of Ava.” And last week, it seemed viewers were getting what they were begging for when they saw Peter taking a tumble down what appeared to be a staircase at the titular institution.

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As if to reward viewers for their patience when it came to the erstwhile Henrik getting his comeuppance, the show then flashed back seven hours… allowing it to start each episode with the painful-looking fall while adding a few more details to the unfolding scenario.

What they didn’t tell us, until the June 3 episode, was who’d pushed Anna’s son-turned-nephew. But now we can reveal that it was, in fact…

… last chance to turn back!

… Finn who “helped” Peter down the stairs after the unrepentant evildoer threw a vial of the cure for what ails Chase off the hospital’s roof.

Now, whether Finn pushed Peter or the entire thing was the kind of accident that’s unavoidable when you’re a soap opera character dumb enough to have a physical alteration at the top of a staircase is debatable.

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In any case, Elizabeth then found Peter’s crumpled form and failed to find a pulse. Finn, too, checked before declaring, “I just killed the one person who could save Chase.”

While we didn’t see exactly what Liz and Finn did with Peter’s body, she did say, “Nobody will ever know he’s dead.” Of course, longtime soap fans like Twitter’s @Wubsnet wasn’t convinced that this was really the end, believing Peter might rise like a horror movie villain.

What do you think of the mini-mystery’s conclusion? Do you think it’s really over… or is Peter out there somewhere, lurking, ready to strike again? Hit the comments with your thoughts, then check out our summer preview and predictions for all four of the soaps!