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“My hat is off to you yet again,” the actor told his leading lady.

General Hospital fans had been waiting a long time for the scenes that aired on June 2. In them, Maxie at last got to read Peter Heinrik the riot act. And the deeper in she plunged the knife, the more satisfying the moment became.

“Does that hurt? I hope so,” she spat. “I hope you feel every bit of fear that I felt every time you would show up at my apartment or my birthing classes… I couldn’t get away from you!”

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Peter tried to suggest that her anger only stemmed from grief. Ha! “It’s called the truth,” Maxie yelled. Once she learned that her fiancé was a cold-blooded killer, “I was repulsed. It took every ounce of resolve I had not to run from you screaming.

“Does that hurt badly, Heinrik? I wonder,” she added, “if it’s as bad as what you did to Drew Cain or Franco or any of your other victims.”

Viewers were blown away not just by the scenes but by Kirsten Storms, who left it all on the set. Wes Ramsey, too, was dazzled. After the episode had aired, he took to Instagram in awe. “My scene partner,” he wrote to Storms. “You’ve always inspired me… My hat is off to you, yet again.

“Your instincts are like lightning, dangerously powerful and beautiful to watch!” he continued. “We really brought the house down, in a glorious blaze.”

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