general hospital lgbtq pride month tweet fan backlash
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, Chris D/JPI (2), ABC screenshot

The ABC soap meant well; it just didn’t go over well.

As Pride Month got underway on June 1, the official twitter account of General Hospital wished everybody a happy one… only to discover that a great many viewers aren’t happy with the show and its treatment of LGBTQ+ characters.

“The fans… cringe when you post things like this,” replied amymac1008, “because we know the truth. You spout all the right phrases, but at the end of the day, we know you show [your LGTQ characters] zero respect. ABC should be ashamed.”

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Added jabbyjanene: “This is a joke, right? You have gays and a transgender character on this show, and we never see them. Stop with hypocrisy, please.”

And start with a more inclusive canvas, suggested LisaSimpson24. “I mean, y’all got Carly on five damn days a week. Is that all you can afford at the moment? Brad and Lucas? Kristina? Where exactly are they at? Up in an attic somewhere?”

Maybe that’s where Terry’s love interest is. “Why,” asked A_Big_BadBeast, “isn’t she comforting Liz… and supporting her since her husband [Franco] died?”

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Good question. Perhaps one that could be answered if the show took Justin Brockwell’s advice. “Maybe instead of a Pride tweet,” he said, “you could let all your LGBT characters out of the closet. Better yet, [give them] their own special episode.”

Not a bad idea, wouldn’t you say? On your way to the comments stop off at the below photo gallery that revisits characters and moments that blazed a trail for LGBTQ+ characters in daytime.