Scarlett Fernandez suffers injuries accident charlotte gh
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

It’s not the way she wanted to spend her summer.

We are sending get well wishes out today to General Hospital’s adorable Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) who recently underwent surgery following a bike accident. Along with a photo from her hospital bed, with both arms in casts, she wanted nothing more than to wish “this was part of a GH script.”

Fernandez gave fans a health update and explained, “Last weekend I was in a bike crash. I had surgery on both arms and stitches on my chin and I spent a couple days in the hospital.”

But the trauma didn’t stop there. “Next up,” she further revealed, “fixing four broken teeth (my molars luckily).”

Her injuries aside, the ABC soap opera actress expressed gratitude for “my helmet, the paramedics, the ER staff, the nurses and doctors at the hospital I was transferred to,” as well as to “the therapy dog that visited me, and my surgeon.”

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Sadly, Fernandez will be laid up for a bit and she admitted — and rightfully so, “Not the way I wanted to spend my summer, but happy I’m feeling better each day.”

Yes, we are very happy too that she is on the mend and hope she is able to bounce back with plenty of time to enjoy a bit of summer!

We’ve watched Fernandez’s Port Charles character over the last five years and there have been others who have grown up before our eyes on screen as well. Take a look at the various once-youngsters in our photo gallery below.

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