Who will kill peter collage GH
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (4); Todd Wawrychuk; ABC screenshot

“They need to stop playing and kill that man!” 

There was a moment at the beginning of General Hospital‘s May 24th episode that left fans wondering if perhaps they’d missed an episode. They watched as Peter tumbled down a staircase and wound up looking pretty darn lifeless before the screen went black and the words “Seven Hours Earlier” flashed on screen.

GH peter countdown seven hours

Talk about dramatic!

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For some viewers, the writing seemed to be on the wall for Peter… and yet, they, like the rest of us, have been down this road before. Time and again, the show has set up scenarios which seemed destined to end with Peter meeting his maker… only to see his reign of terror continue. So it’s not exactly surprising that some were a bit skeptical.

In true soap-fan style, some had fun with the twist… including one Twitter account using the name of Peter’s late father, Cesar Faison, to bestow a rather unusual award upon the stairwell in question.

And then there was the viewer who admitted that she’d “only tuned into today’s [episode] to watch Peter fall down the staircase.” Ouch!


As of now, two big questions loom as the clock ticks down in the coming days: Who pushed Peter… and will this finally be the twist which does him in? Share your predictions in the comment section, then check out the gallery below in which we round up a whole lotta Port Charles locals who have good reason to want Peter out of the picture.