maurice benard jokes about sonny and mike gh
Credit: John Paschal/JPI

The Daytime Emmy Award winner jumped into his Port Charles character — and wasn’t even taping scenes.

So, it’s the million dollar question: “Who the hell is Sonny?” That’s what General Hospital vet Maurice Bernard wants to know. The actor posted a video on Instagram, from outside what could very well be the ABC Studios, to debate the dilemma — in character.

“Hi, my name’s Mike and I don’t understand why every time that I go out,” he began — that is, before voices called from above, “Sonny, hey, Sonny, come back.”

“Mike” looked around and continued, “People keep saying that my name is Sonny and I don’t understand where that comes from.” As those around him persisted to call him Sonny, “Mike” snapped, “Hey, my name’s Mike!”

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But they wouldn’t give up and asked, “Sonny, you sure about that?” “Mike” shook it off and ranted about going out in public and having everyone approaching him as being Sonny and begging him to come back. “Come back where?” “Mike” demanded to know then sighed, “I’m so tired of this.”

Even through all of Benard’s joking, no one could ever forget Sonny Corinthos. While we wait for the ABC soap character to remember his true identity, and return to Port Charles, take a look through our gallery below filled with memorable photos of the greatest challenges Sonny has faced throughout the years.

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