Straight or curly? (

After talking with Laura Wright (Carly, GH) about the Soap Cruise and General Hospital, she answered a few of your questions.

Charming the Flame:
Do unresolved or dropped storylines annoy the actors as much at is certainly does the viewers?

Laura Wright: Um, yeah, but the difference is that we always switch and probably go back into…we’re like a moving train, it’s not like it stops. We usually have to keep going and keep going and we do something else. It’s just the nature of the business and as disappointed or bummed as you get, I mean we can’t do anything about it. I have to do what they have me do. I can get frustrated for about five minutes and then move on to learning the script they handed me. And then I got to come home and take care of two kids. I’m not just Carly, that is just a character I play on television; I have a life. I do think about it and do get frustrated at times and there’s other times when I can’t give it that much attention because I gotta get home to football practice and take my daughter to ride her horse. And at the end of the day it’s a TV show and there are other things going on in the world that are really heart breaking.

Did Carly mellow as a result of Claudia being added as the villain, or was it just time?

Laura Wright: That’s a good question. I do think they probably did mellow…I don’t think they mellowed her thinking about it, I think attention in that evil direction probably went more towards Sarah, which was fine because it was perfect timing for my storyline, other things were going on. It’s a good question, a good point. I don’t think any of it was done purposely, I just think they could really go far with her character and I don’t know what’s going to happen now that she’s gone. I don’t think we have any bad people on the show.