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Cameron lands in hot water.

In the preview for General Hospital for May 3 – 7, Carly’s big plan is set in motion but quickly goes south. Read on for the scoop!

Cameron is brought into the police station and interrogated by Jordan. What did he do? He was caught holding a gun! We are almost positive this has something to do with his anger towards Jason, who he thinks killed Franco.

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Brick and Carly put their plan to break Jason out of the hospital into play, which it seems pretty obvious to us also has something to do with Cameron brandishing a weapon. Especially after the young man apparently discovers Jason missing from his room. Cameron sure doesn’t seem to be listening to the words of Zander’s ghost when got a visit from his spectral father warning him that his anger was taking him down a dangerous path.

Unfortunately for Carly and Brick, Cyrus has new employees working at the hospital. They’ve been posing as janitors and reporting back to him about Britt spending far too much time with Jason. And it looks like, based on the preview, that she’s in big trouble as her new best friend makes his break for it.

Up in Nixon Falls, Nina apparently sees something she shouldn’t, leaving “Mike” worried when she reports to him. Could “Mike” have been right all along about suspecting Elijah is behind the spike in crime in this sleepy little town?

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