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From the walls closing in on Peter to what’s next for Jason and Sam, the soap’s scribes spill all!

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: Yes, when headwriters Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten discuss what’s coming up on General Hospital, it sounds an awful lot as if the thing fans have been begging for are about to happen. For instance, while they don’t come right out and say, “Peter is going to die,” they stop just short. Read on for details on the unexpected way Elizabeth plays into that story, plus what the tag team has to say about Carly’s future, Willow’s romantic quagmire and much more, courtesy of our exclusive chat.

Peter’s Last Stand?

Obviously, a whole lotta people in Port Charles have been issuing threats where Peter’s concerned. “Almost everyone in town has a reason to want to end his reign of terror,” concedes O’Connor, adding that the end of the month will see a “game-changing twist” with far-reaching consequences.

Finn turns to Liz for help GH

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Look for Elizabeth to play a very big role in this story’s next phase, thanks in part to her bond with Finn. “As he’s working toward developing a toxin to save Chase, she starts asking questions about what’s really going on right under her nose at the hospital,” teases Van Etten. While Finn could clearly use Elizabeth’s help, “telling her the truth would mean revealing to her that Peter is the one who murdered her husband. Were that to happen, would she be able to keep quiet until Chase’s life is saved, or would she be motivated to do something about it and stop the man who murdered Franco?”

Speaking of Bad Guys…

“Cyrus is taking full advantage of the fact that Sonny is no longer in the picture and Jason is, due to current circumstances, unable to throw his weight around,” previews O’Connor. But as viewers have seen, Carly, Laura and Ava have formed a rather unexpected triumvirate determined to prevent the don from living extra large. “Carly is an incredibly resourceful character in terms of getting done what needs to be done.”

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Laura, too, will rise to the challenge of dealing with her evil half sibling. “Because she is a politician, not a mobster, she feels her hands are tied to a certain extent,” says Van Etten. “But when you test Laura like this, that’s when you discover just how ingenious she can be!”

When Worlds Collide

“The line between where Port Charles ends and Nixon Falls begins is beginning to blur,” says O’Connor. “Nina is scrambling to keep Josslyn and Trina from seeing Sonny. But even if she proves successful in that regard, she may not be able to prevent them from bringing a piece of Sonny home with them.”

Meanwhile, “Mike” is increasingly drawn to Nina, who finds herself having to confront her own feelings. At the same time, he continues to have flashes but doesn’t know if they are memories or dreams. “And if they are memories,” muses Van Etten, “are they memories he wants? He’s developing a life and a family and feelings for a home, and when you’ve got something so good, to what degree are you willing to give it up for something uncertain?”

Jason and… Britt?

Like Carly, some viewers have raised an eyebrow at just how much time Jason and Britt are spending with one another. “The two of them have been thrown into a number of awkward and unlikely situations,” laughs Van Etten, “and that trend will continue into May and beyond.” In fact, look for circumstances to force the pair to hit the road together!

Jason confronts Britt about Peter on GH

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At the same time, Dante and Sam seem poised to potentially become more than friends. “She made a firm decision to change her life,” reminds O’Connor, “and she is sticking to that.” But things could get complicated when she and Dante wind up on opposite sides of an investigation involving… who else? Jason!

In Other News…

• “Maxie and Brook Lynn have come up with a plan which will give each of them exactly what they need… or so they think, sets up Van Etten. “But pulling off this bait-and-switch isn’t going to be easy, and it only gets more complicated thanks to the way things unfold once Maxie actually goes into labor.”

• We will be seeing more of Shawn in the future… and at long last taking a closer look at the circumstances which landed him behind bars in the first place. Meanwhile, Jordan will examine the reasons that her marriage hit a rough spot. “But by the time she decides to do that,” says O’Connor, “there’s always the chance that Curtis may have begun the process of moving on with someone else.”

• Michael and Willow are more in love than ever… but neither is willing to break Chase’s heart, especially not while he’s fighting for his life. The big question may be just how far Willow is willing to go where this ruse is concerned.

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• “Obrecht and Scott can’t keep their hands off one another,” laughs O’Connor. “But what started out as a friends-with-benefits situation might catch them both off guard if and when genuine feelings begin to crop up between them.”

So, General Hospital fans, which story are you most stoked to see play out in the weeks ahead? Before hitting the comments section with your thoughts about the future, check out the gallery below in which we do a deep dive into the show’s past. You’ll find long-lost photos, couples you totally forgot were ever an item and maybe even a few laughs.