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Even a bad cold couldn’t prevent things from heating up between Sonny and Carly! 

The summer of 2002 did not start off great for General Hospital‘s tempestuous Sonny and Carly. After spying her ex-husband making love with Alexis, Carly drove her car into a lake and was presumed dead. When she “rose from the grave” a few weeks later, her absence had made Sonny’s heart grow fonder, but she seemed determined to keep him at arm’s length.

Sonny’s solution? To “kidnap” his beloved and whisk her off to his private island. Once there, things quickly got steamy between the two… or so it seemed on screen. As Tamara Braun, who was playing Carly at the time, shared on Twitter, there was more going on than viewers realized.

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After a fan posted photos and dialogue from the episodes, Braun took a trip down Memory Lane. “Fun fact,” she shared. “I got sick while filming that scene. Fever. Sweating. Sore throat. Losing voice. Sonny and Carly were supposed to kiss and make up, but I didn’t want to get Maurice [Benard] sick, so blocking changed, and [Sonny] kissed [Carly’s] neck instead.

“We thought it was sill sexy,” she added. “Maybe even more so?”


Longtime viewers seemed to definitely agree with Braun’s assessment. “I’m sorry for what precipitated the change,” wrote Kimberly Dawn, “but I’m not sorry for the end result. That moment really stood out to me. It was sexy and unique. I still remember it all these years later.”

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Soon after, Sonny and Carly would tie the knot once again, although as we all know, that was only the beginning (or maybe the middle?) of the story… especially given that Alexis was secretly carrying his child.

These days, Braun is playing Days of Our Lives’ Ava, who today shares a lip lock with Rafe. When a fan joked that Salem’s residents were taste-testing various flavors of Chapstick, Braun cheekily responded, “I like the coconut and vanilla flavors. All vegan, of course!”

As we wait to see the fallout from the Rafe/Ava kiss — and this being a soap, you know it’s coming! — why not take a look at the below photo gallery featuring 25 actors who, like Braun, have appeared on multiple soaps… including flashbacks to a few roles we bet you’ve totally forgotten.