sean tiffany sized GENERAL HOSPITAL, from left: Sharon Wyatt, John Reilly, (1993), 1963- , ph: Bob D'Amico/ ©ABC /Courtesy Everett Collection
Credit: ABC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Who’ll be among the special guest stars winging their way home to Port Charles? 

For a while now, we’ve been telling you about the special episode General Hospital has in the works to honor the late John Reilly and his much-loved alter ego, Sean Donely. Now, thanks in part to our sister site TVLine, new details are coming to light… including that the date to mark on your calendars is Friday, May 21.

“John Reilly was an incredible actor and a large part of the 58-plus-year legacy that is GH,” said executive producer Frank Valentini in a statement. “This episode is meant to honor him and his contribution to the show’s rich history. With so many fan favorites returning, new and longtime viewers will enjoy it.”

Among those slated to return is Kristina Wagner’s Felicia, as previewed in ABC’s description of the episode, which says that she — along with Mac, Anna, Laura and Kevin — will be “pulled into a mystery involving Sean’s daughter, Annie.”

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As regular Soaps readers know, Annie will be played by the late actor’s real-life daughter, Caitlin Reilly. And you’ll also recall that while unconfirmed by the network, we’re fairly confident that Kimberly McCullough’s Robin will be putting in an appearance. After all, she did tell her Twitter followers that she’d recently gotten all dressed up and seen “some old friends and reminisced about an absent dear one.”

What we don’t know is whether McCullough might be the “surprise return” which Valentini teased, adding “it is just too amazing to spoil.” (Unless we just did in which case… sorry!)

One person who sadly will not be present is Sharon Wyatt, aka Sean’s loving wife, Tiffany. According to TVLine’s sources, the actress — who lives in Tennessee — was unable to appear.

Who do you hope the surprise visitor is? Dare we hope for a visit from the legendary Anthony Geary (Luke)? Share your guesses in the comments section, then check out the gallery below in which we look at other characters we want to see return to Port Charles.