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If ever there was a time that the heroine needed her dad, it was now.

For years, General Hospital viewers have complained that, despite being a focal point of the ABC drama as well as one of its hearts and souls, Elizabeth Webber is something of an island. She has her kids, of course, and has had myriad love interests and the occasional sibling. But where are her parents?

Mom Carolyn has never appeared on the show. (We’d like her, too, though; at one point, you even picked the performer that you wanted to see tackle the part.) Dad Jeff, on the other hand, was front and center from 1976-81, first as the husband that the future Monica Quartermaine wasn’t really all that into, then as the object of Heather Webber’s obsession and, finally, as the surprise son of chief of staff Steve Hardy.

He was a big deal — and could be again, especially to Liz, who is mourning the loss of third husband Franco. General Hospital seems to know this, too, and may have just set the stage for his long-, long-awaited return to Port Charles. In the April 21 episode, father-in-law Scotty was encouraging Liz to reach out, get some support. Sis Sarah was out of the question, she said. And her dad?

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“Um,” she replied, “my father and I aren’t close.”

“Well,” Scotty said, “maybe this would be a good time to get close again.”

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We’re right there with you, Scotty. We even have a few ideas about who could play the prodigal son… er, father. Click on the photo gallery below to see who they are, then hit the comments with your pick to play Jeff Webber.