Carly promises to free Jason GH
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Is Carly about to make things worse?

In the preview for General Hospital for April 19 – 23, many in Port Charles are planning to move against Cyrus. Read on for the scoop!

Recently, Carly had been working with Valentin and Anna to try and prove Peter shot Franco in order to spring Jason from Pentonville. Unfortunately, Anna and Valentin’s plan to move against Peter failed when Faison’s son revealed he had poisoned someone close to them, and it turned out to be Finn’s brother Chase. Still, Anna hasn’t given up and realizes Cyrus may be the ticket to bringing down Peter.

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Carly fears for Jason’s safety in Pentonville, and worries that Cyrus will make a move to kill him. While Jason thinks there is nothing Carly can do about the situation, she lets him know that he’s wrong! However, Carly’s plans don’t always turn out the way she hopes and she often makes things worse. We’re pretty sure this is one of those cases, and it involves his mother Florence who she’s holding.

Laura has been fearful for Nikolas, as he is determined to locate Cyrus’ mother Florence and return her to him in exchange for keeping his Aunt Alexis safe in Pentonville. She’s tried to talk him out of his plan, but he’s determined to move full steam ahead and claims to know what he’s doing.

Over in Nixon Falls, at the barn dance “Mike” has a menacing look on his face as Nina appears shell-shocked. Could someone from Port Charles have finally turned up in this sleepy little town?

Finally, in Pentonville, someone brandishes a pretty big knife!

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