Courtney Hope, Chad Duell tammie
Credit: Tammie/JPI

We seriously can’t handle the cuteness. 

Sure, Courtney Hope (Sally, The Young and the Restless) and Chad Duell (Michael, General Hospital) are already soap stars, but we think there might very well be a sitcom in their future… or at the very least a reality show. The premise: Life gets a little bit crazy as two popular actors try to juggle their careers and five pets. Welcome to, as Duell put it on upon posting a pet-filled pic to his Twitter feed, Full House.

Wait, that title’s already taken, isn’t it? As is Animal House. Hmm. Let’s go with Make Room for Bentley, because when Hope posted the below pic, she pointed out that the adorable pug/terrier mix in the photo’s center was marking a special occasion: “It’s Bentley’s third birthday,” she explained, “so this counts as his party.”

While we’re slightly miffed not to have been invited to what we consider the social event of the season, we can’t deny that Bentley is certainly worthy of celebrating. “Chad and I wanted to rescue a dog together,” Hope told K9 magazine shortly after the pup’s first birthday, “so we went to the shelter for weeks and found this sweetheart and fell in love.”

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She added that Bentley is “the only boy dog and so different from the rest of the pack, but by far the most sensitive and affectionate, which we didn’t think was possible given how loving our other pups are.”

Meanwhile, as we’re determined to put the biggest smile on your face we possibly can, check out the video in this tweet Duell shared, which offers an adorable behind-the-scenes look at how they keep Erik Olson (Wiley) occupied while the adults around him are having very serious conversations.

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Having now shared with you puppies, a kitten and a child, we feel somewhat obligated to keep the good vibrations coming. So why not check out the gallery below in which we highlight 40 — that’s right, 40! — soap stars hanging out with their sisters, who also just happen to be among their very favorite people!