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Romantic supercouple in the making… or yawn-inducing snoozefest? 

Over the years, we’ve seen devoted shippers — aka those who are really into a particular relationship — do battle with their couple’s detractors. It happens on every soap, from The Young and the Restless (where the current hot topic is whether bad boy Adam should be with Chelsea or Sharon) to The Bold and the Beautiful (where viewers have been fighting over whether perpetual waffler Liam is a better fit with Steffy or Hope). Fan wars sort of go with the territory, thanks in large part to social media.

But we never saw the Michael/Willow brouhaha coming. Why? Well, because the couple is just so darn… nice. And generally speaking, fans don’t get all that worked up over pairings that are relatively drama-free.

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Don’t get us wrong… Michael and Willow have had a fair amount of story, thanks largely to Wiley. Yet from the moment they first crossed paths at a bereavement group, it seemed like these two were pretty much destined to wind up together despite being involved at the time with Sasha and Chase, respectively.

Despite everything from baby swaps to switching romantic partners, many viewers find the pair to be… well, boring. (Hey, it’s your word, not ours!) In fact, even some in the audience who like Michael and Willow together seem to do so almost reluctantly.

Many others, however, are frustrated by the fact that by putting Michael and Willow together, their potential relationships with Sasha and Chase have seemingly been derailed (at least temporarily).

One thing people are, where the storyline is concerned, is invested. Whether they love or hate “Millow,” they’re talking about them, as evidenced by the flood of responses we got after asking on Twitter for reaction to the couple finally admitting they loved one another. So fervent was the response — both pro and con — that we had to double-check to make sure we hadn’t asked a question about Jason and Sam, the very mention of whom elicits similarly fiery (and divisive) feedback.

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So now we’re taking the conversation out of the Twitterverse and moving it to the comment section below, where people have more than 280 characters in which to expand (and expound) upon their thoughts where Michael and Willow — not to mention Chase, Brook Lynn, Sasha and Brando — are concerned. And since we’re talking love and romance, why not check out this photo gallery in which we relive some of the greatest soap romances of all time?