billy miller in truth be told
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Let the guessing games begin! 

Ever since Billy Miller checked out of General Hospital, fans have been hoping for his return as Drew. Every time the show had a character reference the fact that he died in a plane crash, viewers — pretty much in unison — told themselves, “But a body was never found, and we all know what that means on a soap opera.”

Hope, as they say, springs eternal.

While we’d love nothing more to report that Miller and/or Drew were on their way back to Port Charles (if only to dish out some well-deserved revenge upon Peter), we will instead have to content ourselves with the news that the actor has landed a mysterious new part.

The buzz started when a fan took to Twitter to ask Miller’s agent, Marnie Sparer, for an update on when we might see her much-missed client “somewhere, anywhere.” As it happened, the question came at exactly the right moment. Replying that “timing is everything,” Sparer posted a pic of Miller taken on the Paramount Studios lot, “Circa: yesterday.”

No word on what project he’s taken on, but that was enough to excite fans anxious to see The Young and the Restless’ erstwhile Billy on their screens, big or small, again… well, that and those gorgeous, curly locks topping his head!

“Before anyone asks,” Sparer said in a follow-up tweet, “the beard remains intact.”

So now comes the fun part as you let your imagination run free and speculate wildly in the comment section as to what exciting new project you think Miller is working on. Then check out this photo gallery in which we look at some of the General Hospital characters we desperately want back… and yes, you’ll find Drew amongst them.