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“Yes,” Franco would probably answer if he could. “Yes, it’s way! Too! Late!”

In the April 13 episode of General Hospital, Peter warned “Auntie Anna” and Valentin that “if you go through with this, someone you care about will die.” What was “this”? Their, in Peter’s estimation, “feeble attempt to try and destroy” him. And who was that “someone”? Chase, they didn’t yet know.

It was an intense series of scenes, one that made it impossible to miss Peter’s resemblance to his maniacal father Faison and pushed Anna to the brink. As for Peter himself, he might have been beyond the brink. After the hour was concluded, portrayer Wes Ramsey took to Instagram to reflect on Peter’s state of mind… or what was left of it.

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“Sometimes,” the actor began, “when you push too hard, you hear a snap, like the sound of ice cracking…

“You may feel a sinking pit in your stomach and wonder if it’s too late to turn back… ” he continued, “or if that snapping sound signaled you’ve already pushed too far… and now you have to figure out just what you’ve broken.”


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What Peter may have broken, it seemed, was Anna. Off Peter’s threat, she took off to check on her and Valentin’s loved ones, lest they fall prey to a plan that her nephew insisted he’d set in motion some time ago.

Where does the character go from here?

Unless we miss our mark, the grave. For our money, Anna and no one else has to be the one to do the deed. (See if you don’t agree with our reasons here.) But there are other suspects, whom you can review in the below photo gallery.

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