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Laura Wright Discusses General Hospital with!

I recently spoke with Laura Wright (Carly, GH) about the upcoming 2010 Soap Cruise and after we chatted about which of her fellow actors she was looking forward to seeing and whether or not she would be singing Karaoke onboard (find out the answers in our previous Laura Wright interview), we got down to the business of discussing soaps.

Before we delved into General Hospital, I wondered if she watched the final episodes of Guiding Light, where she played Cassie Layne Winslow from 1997 – 2005. “I did, through tears,” she admitted. While watching, she texted her former costar Kim Zimmer (Reva) during Reva and Josh’s final scenes where they vowed to meet each other at the lighthouse in one year. “I’m like, ‘They better flashforward a year,” she recounted. “And she’s like, ‘Keep watching.’ And they did.”

As for her feelings on the 72-year-old soap closing up shop? “I mean it’s a bummer,” she sighed. “It’s so sad. You don’t want to see anyone out of work. I mean in our industry, there’s already enough actors and people connected to creating television shows or movies that don’t work, so that was a tough one. And it’s sad. I would have given anything to go back and play Cassie for the last few episodes, but I don’t think we could have worked it out being on a totally different network.”

Moving on to General Hospital, Wright recently re-signed to play Carly Corinthos Jacks, whom she has been portraying since she left GL in 2005, for another four years.

When I asked if recommitting to play Carly was an easy decision, Laura didn’t hesitate. “Oh, yeah, I don’t really need to go anywhere. Look, no one’s banging on my door offering me a job somewhere else,” she laughed. “I love it. It allows me to have a great life and put money away for college education and I get to work, you know, I love what I do. I love playing Carly. It’s so funny, like right now everything’s airing after the aftermath of Claudia, I feel like I’m chomping at the bit and going for it because I’ve been sitting on the couch for six months eating carrots,” she joked, referring to her formerly pregnant character’s health issues.

Now that Carly’s had her baby and the secrets are out, Carly’s once happy marriage to Jax is on the rocks. But that suits Carly’s portrayer just fine, as Laura, equating happy with boring on soaps, pointed out, “You can only be happy for so long.”