Anna Valentin versus Peter GH ABC
Credit: ABC screenshot

Threats are made and received in Port Charles.

In the preview for General Hospital for April 12 – 16, things are turning dangerous for a number of people. Read on for the scoop!

Left with no alternative, Anna and Valentin lured Peter into a trap at her house and pulled their guns on him. Now they’ve taken him hostage, but what is their endgame? Are they hoping for a confession, or planning to transfer him somewhere more secure for good? One thing is for sure, Peter isn’t going down without a fight and warns them that someone close to them will pay for this!

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Last week, Peter attempted to drug Finn, but things took a very wrong turn. Finn and his family played a favorite game of theirs where they spun their drinks around to be surprised by what they got. Someone is going to be surprised all right. Unfortunately that someone appears to be Chase!

Finally, Alexis has reported to Pentonville, and already things are taking a scary turn when an inmate gets up in her face. Hopefully, she took the prison consultant’s advice and got in a kickboxing class or two before heading to serve her term.

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