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It has to be Anna who neutralizes the threat that her nephew poses to Port Charles.

We don’t know-know, but let’s be real, we all know that Peter’s days on General Hospital are numbered, right? His crimes are too many and varied to be forgiven or forgotten.

It’s not like he’s a mobster, after all!

So the question is, who will be the one to take him down — or, if need be, out? The answer, and there is really only one acceptable one, is Anna, the woman who for so long believed that she’d delivered unto the world the demon spawn of Cesar Faison.

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Why? In short, she owes Port Charles. For some time — some long-ass time! — the superspy has known that the erstwhile Henrik wasn’t just bad news, he was bad news that was destined to repeat itself over and over again. (Right, Drew? Franco? Everybody?)

For a while — arguably too great a while — Anna turned a blind eye to what was going on right in front of her face. That isn’t like her. So people were more willing than maybe they should’ve been to cut her “son” some slack. If she didn’t seem concerned, why should anyone else?

So yeah, Anna owes Port Charles. In a big way.

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And were she to actually kill Peter — a public service if ever there was one — she’d no doubt get away with it. Why? How? Firstly, because she’s smart as hell. She could easily make it appear that sis Alex “rose from the grave” to drag her offspring into the hereafter.

Mm-hmm. And what if Anna ran into a snafu? Enter Valentin, only too eager himself to stop Peter in his tracks as well as score points with the woman who’s always possessed an artery of his heart.

That line was more romantic in our heads than it seems now that we’ve typed it, by the way. But you probably guessed that.

What do you think? Is there any other way that Peter’s reign of terror can be ended except by Anna? Hit the comments with your suggestions, and on your way, stop off at our list of suspects in the murder we’re all too certain is coming down the pike.