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The actor marveled at the minds that have allowed us to combat COVID.

April 10 was what you’d call a good day for General Hospital leading man Wes Ramsey: He became the latest soap star to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“When I saw the liquid in the syringe,” Peter’s portrayer Instagrammed, “I thought of all the brilliant minds and all their sleepless nights while coming together from around the world over the past year to create that light-colored milky medicine.”

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Yep, in this case, it doesn’t just take a village, it takes a whole planet. “Thank you,” Ramsey continued, “for giving us, as citizens, a real chance to help heal the world and in the process protecting ourselves and those we love

“Here’s to hoping,” he added, “for a better future ahead.”


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Amen to that! Although in the case of his character, the future looks bleak indeed. More of Peter’s misdeeds have come to light than can possibly be swept under the rug.

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Well, maybe not if it’s like… you know, a giant rug.

Only a day earlier, Faison’s demon spawn attempted to poison Finn. Clearly, if Peter’s going down, he’s going down in a blaze of… what’s the opposite of glory?

Unless we miss our mark, the baddie is destined to take up residence in the same cemetery as his ill-fated half brother, Nathan. The question is, who’s going to put him there? Review the suspects here, then celebrate the “Anna”-versary of his almost-on-screen mom Finola Hughes in the below photo gallery.